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Investing in Alberta’s Clean Energy Future

Cutting emissions, creating jobs and delivering a reliable, cost-effective electricity grid.

In its Climate Leadership Plan, the Alberta Government has established its vision to eliminate coal-fired electricity generation and grow renewable energy production to 30% of Alberta’s needs by 2030. 

AltaLink and its parent company, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, share the goal of achieving real emissions reductions and positioning Alberta as a leader in creating a greener future for Canada. Berkshire Hathaway Energy has already helped Iowa and Nevada move away from coal and towards renewable energy generation. This proven track record combined with our in-depth knowledge of Alberta’s electric transmission system, gives us the experience and resources to help support Alberta’s transition away from coal.

AltaLink has been reinforcing the transmission system in central and southern Alberta, readying it to accommodate additional generation capacity from sources like wind. A more diverse generation mix, including renewables and other gas-fired generation, will help Albertans show we’re serious about emissions reductions.

FOUR Steps to Alberta’s Cleaner Energy Future

High level summaries of each of our proposals to transition to a cleaner energy future in Alberta are below. More description, detail and plans are in the documents linked at the end of this page.

  1. Phase out coal-fired generation by 2030:
    Implement a phased approach to reducing and dismantling coal fired generation to meet the Government of Alberta’s target of phasing out coal completely by 2030. Working according to this timeline will bridge the transition to GHG efficient baseload generating sources and provide reliability assurance.
  2. Grow renewable generation to 30% of mix:
    Grow Alberta’s mix of renewable generation sources to 30% of the total by 2030 with certainty and at low cost. AltaLink’s proposed lower carbon generation future enables more renewable generation, delivers a 50% improvement in emissions and will cost consumers no more than a predominantly natural gas generation future. AltaLink’s parent company, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, has the unique structure and proven experience to help Alberta do this.
  3. Ensure backup reliability and cost efficiency:
    Ensure sufficient resources are in place to provide stability and reliability at the lowest possible cost while Alberta transitions to more renewable generation sources. Improve access to a larger regional market, such as western Canadian hydro generation, to smooth out variability. Support the development of energy storage projects to provide short duration, fast response storage for immediate requirements and longer duration storage for surplus energy that can be later returned to the grid.
  4. Encourage development of gas-fired generation: 
    Encourage the development of natural gas fueled cogeneration (using waste heat or steam from oil and gas production to generate electricity) to help Alberta’s oil and gas sector contribute to the province’s climate solution and boost investment and jobs in the natural gas sector.

Implementing these four steps, together with the continued promotion of energy efficiency behavior to all consumers, will significantly contribute to GHG reductions in Alberta while preserving reliability, cost-effectiveness and economic growth for all Albertans.

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