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Agreements & Security

In addition to executing system access service agreements with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), customers will also be required to enter into certain agreements with AltaLink to gain access to the transmission system. These agreements include the Construction Commitment Agreement (CCA) and the Interconnection Agreement.

Construction Commitment Agreement

The purpose of the CCA is to confirm a customer's commitment to a project and to allow AltaLink to initiate work on the connection. All customers requesting a transmission connected service are required to complete this agreement and provide the appropriate security.

AltaLink’s CCA is governed by the AESO tariff, and substantially follows the AESO format.

In cases where FortisAlberta does not grant a Section 101 waiver, the customer will be required to contract with FortisAlberta for cancellation costs and provide security. FortisAlberta will then contract with AltaLink Security is required to cover the costs of the project.

AltaLink accepts the following forms of security:

  • A Customer Contribution (cash)
  • A standard form Letter of Credit from a pre-approved Bank or,
  • in some cases, unsecured credit may be available to certain customers with the AESO's approval.

If cash is chosen as the preferred method of security, a Customer Contribution Application of Proceeds Agreement (CCAPA) is also required.

A sample CCA and CCAPA are attached at the bottom of this page.

The chart below shows the key stages of a typical connection and the corresponding financial and legal transactions that take place at each stage:

Financial Requirements

Connection Process Securities

Interconnection Agreement (including Operating Procedures)

All customers are required to enter into an Interconnection Agreement with AltaLink prior to the energization of the project. The main purpose of the Interconnection Agreement is to outline operating requirements and the coordinated operations between AltaLink and the customer. This agreement must be executed six weeks prior to the AESO issuing an Energization Certificate. A sample Interconnection Agreement is attached at the bottom of this page.

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