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AltaLink's Cassils to Bowmanton to Whitlaw project
November 23, 2012

AltaLink assembles transmission structures at designated structure yards and uses a helicopters to erect and transport structures. Using helicopters is significantly faster than other construction techniques and reduces the amount of construction traffic and corresponding environmental impacts along the transmission line right-of-way. Watch video of this innovative construction project here.

AltaLink gets help from a helicopter in Banff National Park
November 15, 2012

AltaLink's south transmission line crew is working to replace the 551 line as it has reached the end of its life-cycle, and is getting a little help from a heavy lift helicopter.

Ice created a number of challenges for AltaLink's system over the weekend
November 8, 2012

This past weekend, while Albertans were changing their clocks to fall back for the end of Daylight Savings Time, AltaLink crews from across the province were working to keep the lights and the clocks on.

AltaLink takes to the sky
August 23, 2012

Each year, members of AltaLink's Asset Management team perform aerial patrols on various sections of our transmission system. Done by helicopter, these patrols allow AltaLink to take a proactive approach to maintenance, and to target any potential issues before they become major problems.

If you build it...
June 21, 2012

On June 19 and 20, several AltaLinkers donned their hardhats and safety glasses to build two new playgrounds in the northeast Calgary community of Monterey Park, part of a recent Days of Caring event with Parks Foundation Calgary.

Protecting our feathered friends
June 14, 2012

AltaLink's environment team is always looking for ways to reduce the impact of our transmission facilities on Alberta's natural habitats.

Landscaping, recycling, floods & farm animals – Behind the scenes of the Yellowhead Transmission Reinforcement
August 25, 2011

Keith Turriff was promoted to Project Manager in March of this year, and one of his first projects in this role was the Yellowhead Transmission Reinforcement. In the past few months, Keith has learned firsthand about all of the little details that go into a project, and how important every member of the team is.

Insulator washing program makes a splash
August 18, 2011

While some women struggle to get their man to do the dishes or the washing, it’s no problem for the men of AltaLink’s line crew! For more than two months, AltaLink’s south lines crew spent their days doing the wash – insulator washing that is!

Bird's the word
August 18, 2011

It may still be summer, but our substations keep their jackets on all year long… their Greenjackets™, that is. These protective covers help save Alberta’s wildlife from electrical contact every day. AltaLink had the opportunity to show how this technology works last week in Banff, when we hosted an international workshop on bird protection programs.

AltaLink contributes $75,000 to ferruginous hawk recovery
April 21, 2011

Back in 1992, you could often spot a ferruginous hawk soaring above Alberta’s prairies. Fast forward twenty years and the ferruginous hawk is now an endangered species – with numbers estimated at 643 breeding pairs, down from 1700 breeding pairs in 1992.

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