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Quick Facts


  • After assuming control of Alberta’s largest transmission system in 2002, AltaLink became the first stand-alone transmission provider in Canada.
  • AltaLink owns and operates nearly 60 per cent of the transmission system in Alberta, including approximately 12,500 kilometres of lines and 300 substations.
  • AltaLink supplies 85 per cent of Alberta’s population with electricity.
  • After more than 20 years with only one major upgrade to the transmission system, AltaLink is working on numerous projects to increase system efficiency and reliability.

Electricity in Alberta

  • Power use in Alberta has increased 35 per cent in the past 10 years.
  • Alberta's gross annual load growth of 300+MW is roughly equal to Ontario's load growth, a province with three times the population of Alberta's.
  • From December 2002 to November 2006, Alberta's peak energy demand grew by 1,091 megawatts - enough to power approximately one million homes.

Our Future

  • The Alberta Electric System Operator's (AESO) 10-year plan forecasts the need for $3.5 billion in proposed transmission development to ensure a reliable supply of electricity.
  • If all the AESO's developments are built, this investment in critical infrastructure would result in less than $5 charge to the wires portion of a residential customer's monthly bill.
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Rewarding Careers at AltaLink
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The amount of energy used to power home electronics in residences across Canada more than doubled between 1990 and 2007.