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The demand for power

In the last 20 years, Alberta has welcomed more than one million new residents and our demand for electricity has doubled, yet the backbone of the transmission system remains largely the same. The demand for power has been steadily rising more than three per cent a year and has increased by more than 17 per cent in the past five years alone. In fact, every year Alberta’s demand for power has increased by the equivalent of adding two cities the size of Red Deer to the transmission grid.

Alberta’s transmission system requires reinforcement and expansion to ensure we can continue meeting the needs of the province’s growing population and flourishing economy efficiently and reliably.”  - Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), "Who pays for transmission reinforcement?"


If you have concerns about a project, you can participate prior to project approval by following the process outlined in the AUC brochure: Public involvement in a proposed utility development.

The challenges

Now more than ever we need to invest in building infrastructure - roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and power lines - to plan for the future. By making sure we have an efficient electricity system, we’re enabling growth. A robust transmission grid will unlock the electricity bottleneck that’s been created due to Alberta’s growth, provide industry the power it needs to operate and give generators a way to move their product to their customers - you.

“All Albertans benefit from safe, reliable, and efficient electric service wherever they live and work in the province.”  - Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), "Who pays for transmission reinforcement?"

Green power

Albertans want access to renewable green power. More than 500 megawatts of wind-generated electricity are already installed in Alberta, with the potential for thousands more in the future. The single biggest inhibitor to increasing the amount of renewable energy on our grid is the lack of transmission lines to deliver it. A more robust transmission system means more green power can be delivered to you.

In fact, AltaLink’s transmission projects could add six times the amount of wind energy we have today to the electric grid.

The solution

Alberta needs a reliable and efficient transmission system to meet the power needs of our province. We understand land is a limited resource, and we’re always exploring innovative ways to build transmission infrastructure while reducing its impact. We’re committed to building new transmission lines for Alberta in a sustainable way that respects both our stakeholders and the environment.

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