• Featured Area Developments

Featured Area Developments

AltaLink is working on several area developments in northern, central and southern Alberta that will help provide customers with access to reliable and efficient electricity for years to come.

Our projects across the province will help to connect clean, green wind energy to the grid and reinforce the aging transmission system, ensuring Albertans continue to have the power they rely on.

To learn more about any of our featured area developments please select from the list to the right. You can also find any AltaLink project in the All Current Projects list.

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Rewarding Careers at AltaLink
Rewarding Careers at AltaLink
At AltaLink, we are doing everything in our power to attract the best and brightest.
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Workplace Safety at AltaLink
Essential services that are critical to Albertans, such as hospitals, rely on large amounts of power. On average, hospitals
use 1,875,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity a month.