Leduc Substation Capacitor Bank Addition

AltaLink is currently completing public consultation for this project and wants your input. The Leduc Substation Capacitor Bank Addition project is part of the South and West of Edmonton Area Transmission Development. This area has grown significantly in recent years and the demand for electricity has increased. Transmission system reinforcements are required to make sure residents, businesses and industry continue to have a reliable supply of electricity for years to come. All work on this project will take place on within the existing substation fenced area and no new land is required.

The proposed project includes: 

  • adding one new 138 kilovolt (kV) capacitor bank
  • adding one new 138 kV circuit breaker
  • adding other associated equipment

Please note: in previous versions of the newsletter, it was incorrectly stated that the circuit breaker being added to the project was 25 kV. It should have read 138 kV.

Detailed Project Schedule

Summer 2013 - Summer 2014 Notify and consult with stakeholders
Fall 2015 File application with Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)
January 2017 Start construction
December 2017 Complete construction

Project Status:

Anticipated Project Schedule

January 2017 Start Construction
December 2017 Complete Construction

Although we attempt to follow the anticipated project schedule, it is subject to change. We will continue to provide you with updated schedule information as the project progresses.

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