Aboriginal Relations


AltaLink recognizes the deep connections Aboriginal Peoples have to the land and traditional territories and respects the diversity of Aboriginal cultures.

AltaLink's service area includes 18 First Nations Reserves and two Métis Settlements. We consult with Aboriginal Communities on new transmission projects and on the maintenance of our existing facilities.

AltaLink believes that true collaboration and partnership with Aboriginal communities requires mutual respect, open dialogue and a willingness to listen and learn. We rely on community leaders and traditional land use practitioners to provide valuable information about sensitive features on the landscape.

Opportunities for Aboriginal Communities

AltaLink's extensive service area includes many Aboriginal communities, municipalities and valued stakeholders and we look for broad-reaching initiatives to invest in the communities where we live and operate.

Here are AltaLink's current Aboriginal community investments:

Click here to learn more about AltaLink's community investment philosophy and other organizations we support.

Aboriginal businesses interested in opportunities with AltaLink have the opportunity to competitively bid for contracts. AltaLink facilitates connections between its contractors and Aboriginal community businesses to foster relationships and initiate the pre-qualification for procurement process.

As a regulated Transmission Facility Operator, AltaLink's project work must be competitively bid as per the Alberta Electric System Operator Rule 9.1.5: Project Procurement Compliance Monitoring Audit Process.


How do AltaLink's transmission projects benefit my community?

Our transmission system is the essential link that connects homes, farms, businesses and industries to the electricity generated across Alberta. Our transmission system provides Albertans with safe and reliable electricity.

How does AltaLink consider Traditional Land Use activities in its projects and operations?

AltaLink engages Aboriginal communities to identify potential impacts to Aboriginal and Treaty rights, and Traditional Land Use (TLU) practices so they may be avoided or mitigated. AltaLink uses traditional knowledge to develop the project with the least overall impact.

What employment and business contracting opportunities are available through AltaLink?

For information about the types of positions available at AltaLink, our hiring process and resume writing and interview tips visit www.altalink.ca/careers. AltaLink's primary contractors provide the engineering, procurement and construction coordination service on most of its transmission projects. Companies wishing to competitively bid on projects must pre-qualify with both primary contractors.

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