Avian Protection Plan

Avian Protection Plan


AltaLink operates more than 13,000 kilometres of transmission lines and 300 substations, bringing electricity to homes and businesses throughout Alberta. As with other energy and development projects, operating and maintaining a transmission system has the potential to impact wildlife, particularly birds. Birds are affected by the transmission system because they can collide with the wires, become electrocuted on structures and in substations, and nest on utility poles.

At AltaLink, we recognize the concerns about interactions between birds and the transmission system. AltaLink monitors avian research, participates actively in assessing bird interactions, and takes significant steps to mitigate potential impacts. AltaLink strives to be a leader in mitigating avian power line collisions, and is committed to improving performance in this area.

AltaLink has created an Avian Protection Plan (APP), a management system designed to reduce the impact our transmission facilities can have on birds. AltaLink was the first Canadian utility to develop an APP.

AltaLink’s Avian Impact Review Process

AltaLink performs thorough reviews and studies on new projects, taking into account all environmental aspects of our operations for the purpose of Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approval.

We employ biologists to conduct field studies to determine potentially sensitive areas for birds and wildlife. Many of our structures were built prior to current environmental legislation, and we are working to upgrade our system to minimize impacts to birds and wildlife in high-risk areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I find a bird that was injured or killed by an AltaLink facility?

If the bird is injured, contact AltaLink and the Alberta Wildlife Help Line immediately.

AltaLink Environmental:
Telephone: 403.267.3400
Toll-Free: 1.866.451.7817
Emergency (24 hours): 1.866.667.3400

Alberta Wildlife Help Line:
Toll free: 1.888.924.2444
Website: www.albertawildliferehab.org/crisis.html

What type of legislation protects birds in Alberta?

Birds in Alberta are protected under both provincial and federal legislation: the Alberta Wildlife Act, Migratory Birds Convention Act, and the Species at Risk Act.

How does AltaLink identify and understand its impact on birds?

AltaLink is an active member of the Ferruginous Hawk Recovery Team of Alberta, the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC), the Raptor Research Foundation, and the CEA Migratory Birds Industry Task Group.

AltaLink performs bird surveys annually and works with external parties to identify and assess the risk to birds on our system. AltaLink also works with contractors, when necessary, to do extensive wildlife surveys on new projects.

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