Oil & Pole Recycling

Oil Recycling

AltaLink is actively reducing its impact on the environment through its oil recycling program. Oil is used as a coolant in electrical equipment, mainly transformers. Oil manufactured prior to 1980 could contain a chemical known as polychlorinated biphenyls, commonly known as chlorobiphenyls or PCB.

PCB is harmful to the environment, most notably in aquatic ecosystems. Although oil containing PCB was never purchased for our equipment, some of our oil does contain the chemical.

AltaLink’s oil recycling program includes a process to remove existing PCB. The oil is then refurbished and reused as the coolant in our equipment. AltaLink reuses 100 per cent of its oil, creating no waste.

Wood Pole Recycling

AltaLink has a comprehensive wood pole recycling program. We test our wood poles every five to seven years for wear, damage, and rot. We re-treat them if necessary to extend their use, and if the poles are no longer useable, we recycle them via landowners or milling companies.

AltaLink is the first company in Alberta to recycle wood poles.

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