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AltaLink Line Training Facility and Langdon Field Office

At AltaLink, the safety of the people who work on and maintain Alberta’s electrical transmission facilities is of the highest importance. Right now there are no training facilities in Alberta for our people to practice safety procedures and learn specialized maintenance activities. The AltaLink Line Training Facility and Langdon Field Office will meet the need for enhanced employee training and reduce safety risks with full-scale, non-energized transmission facilities to be used for training purposes and an office building.

We understand that landowners in the area may have questions. We are committed to sharing information about this development and working with the community throughout the construction process.

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Development details

The AltaLink Line Training Facility includes the construction of non-energized transmission structures, ranging in height from 12 to 45 metres (39 to 148 feet). We are currently planning for three 240 kV (240,000 volts) wood structures, nine 138 kV wood structures and seven 240 kV steel structures.

AltaLink is planning to build a south field office at this location following completion of the line training facility. AltaLink’s south field office is currently located in Calgary and relocating the office would place our training facility and south field operations team on the same site.

This development will be located in Rocky View County (SW 16-23-27-W4M) approximately three kilometres (1.5 miles) southwest of the Hamlet of Langdon.

To construct the AltaLink Line Training Facility and Langdon Field Office, AltaLink required approval from Rocky View County to re-designate the land from Ranch and Farm District to Direct Control District. The process to re-designate the land included submitting a Land Use Amendment Application to Rocky View County for review. Rocky View County approved the Land Use Amendment Application during a public hearing held on February 26, 2013.

Development schedule
August 2012
Submission of Land Use Amendment Application
August 2012 to early winter 2013
 Public consultation program
February 2013
 Public hearing
Fall 2013
 Begin construction of transmission line training facility
 Begin construction of field office building (if all building approvals are received)
Although we attempt to follow the anticipated project schedule it is subject to change. We will continue to provide you with updated schedule information as the project progresses.  

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