• Alberta's Electricity System
  • Electricity at a Glance

Electricity at a Glance

Generating and delivering electricity in a safe and reliable manner involves many organizations:

  • The Planner – Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)
    The AESO is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is responsible for planning Alberta’s transmission system and the operation of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES). It develops long-term plans to deliver electricity and identifies areas that require new or enhanced transmission lines to meet the growing needs of the province.
  • The Regulator – Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)
    The AUC is a quasi-judicial agency that ensures the services provided by Alberta’s utilities takes place in a fair and responsible manner and are in the public interest. Before AltaLink can begin construction on a project, the AUC must approve our facilities’ application which includes details such as the location of transmission routes. The AUC approves the rate of return that we receive on our assets.
Electricity at a Glance
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Alberta's Electricity System
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A reliable transmission system keeps costs low by connecting diverse sources of power generation to the grid.