Value of Transmission

The Complete Process

The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is an independent, not-for-profit entity responsible for the safe, reliable and economic planning and operation of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System.

The AESO determines the need for new transmission facilities in Alberta. If the need for new transmission facilities is approved (by the Alberta Utilities Commission), the AESO directs a transmission facility owner (like AltaLink) to site and build the new facilities.

Looking for the lowest overall impact solution

AltaLink is committed to an open, respectful and thorough consultation process with stakeholders who may be impacted by our projects. AltaLink consults with and/or notifies directly affected stakeholders when determining potential route options for new transmission lines or when making significant changes to existing transmission lines or facilities. Landowner consultation is a key input to assist AltaLink in identifying the least overall impact transmission line routes and substation locations.

Submitting those plans to the AUC

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) is an independent agency established by the Government of Alberta. AltaLink is fully regulated by the AUC. The AUC ensures Alberta’s utility service is fair, responsible and acts in the public interest.

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