Total Life View

Work Life, Family & Personal Life, Community Life - AltaLink takes a Total Life View

At AltaLink, we believe work is an important aspect of life, but not the only aspect. We take a total life view.

Taking a total life view includes:

  • Offering work with meaning
  • Providing opportunities for professional development
  • Recognizing you have a personal life, family and friends, and
  • Ensuring time to have fun and contribute to your community.

Taking a total life view means we take your whole life into account in our plans, programs and initiatives.

Work Life

James Schwartz - Senior Power System Engineer
Mentoring and in-house training

Marie-France Samaroden- Director, Engineering
Leadership development

Family and Personal Life

Don Richards - Director, Human Resources, Operations
Personal sabbaticals

Eva Kelemen - Senior Substation Equipment Engineer
LiveWires Social Club

Community Life

Ian Bennett - HVDC Field Technologist
Days of Caring

Current Opportunities

AltaLink is genuinely interested in your total life experience.

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