Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Meet the 2019 Recipients

benjamin mcpherson


Institution: Lethbridge College

Major: Criminal Justice 

Indigenous Community: Métis Nation of Alberta- St. Paul 

Career Aspiration: Police Officer



Brielle thorsen


Institution: Queen's University 

Major: Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering 

Indigenous Community: Saddle Lake 

Career Aspiration: I want to be passionate about the work I do, and make a positive impact on those around me.



desiree Labelle


Institution: Mount Royal University 

Major: Public Relations 

Indigenous Community: Stoney Nakoda

Career Aspiration: Indigenous Relations Advisor 


ethan kutash 


Institution: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 

Major: Power Engineering 

Indigenous Community: Métis Nation of Alberta

Career Aspiration: I wish to proceed with my career and achieve my 2nd class power engineering certificate and further on getting my 1st. I wish to work in power generation and to learn about the innovations in my field. 



jake silverthorn


Institution: University of Toronto 

Major: Bachelor of Arts/Science 

Indigenous Community: Beaver First Nation (Dene Tha First Nations)



nadine eagle child


Institution: University of Calgary - off campus 

Major: MEd, Interdisciplinary studies 

Indigenous Community: Blood Tribe (Kainai)

Career Aspiration: Currently I am a Post-secondary Student counselor. I am seeking my Registered Social Work (RSW) status and with my Master's in Education, I hope to be able to assist our tribal students in succeeding in their studies. I would love to see more of our students succeed in getting their credentials rather than letting personal issues get in their way. I hope to eventually get one of the Director positions here at Red Crow College, the Directors here are hitting retirement age and I hope that provides me a better chance of moving up in the organization. The majority of my work experience has been working with students and community in Lethbridge. This is what I love to do, assist people in reaching their potential and connecting them to community resources. I hope to continue to do so. I want to be able to host study skills workshops and equip our students to move on in their studies at University and be successful. 


noah wood


Institution: University of Alberta

Major: Art and Design 

Indigenous Community: Saddle Lake 

Career Aspiration: Architect 


spencer klug


Institution: University of Alberta

Major: Law

Indigenous Community: Chipewyan Prairie First Nation 

Career Aspiration: Commercial Lawyer


taylor hunter


Institution: British Columbia Institute of Technology 

Major: Power Engineering 

Indigenous Community: Saddle Lake

Career Aspiration: My goal right now is to get my 4th class power engineering ticket. Once I get that I want to work towards my 3rd class then 2nd class and eventually my 1st class. I hope I can inspire more people to get an education even if it’s just upgrading classes especially in the indigenous community it’s a blessing to get funding for education as a lot of other people struggle to pay for it. I would like to see more indigenous people to take advantage of that opportunity. You won’t ever regret improving your education.



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