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Updated January 2014

January 2014 Construction newsletter

February 2013 Construction newsletter 

December 2012 Notice of approval

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March 2011 updates

February 2011 Stakeholder Information package

January 2011 mail outs

We mailed several information packages in January 2011 to stakeholders in specific areas along the proposed project to gather their input about key project details. The information packages are about converter stations and telecommunications towers, communications system (repeater stations), Red Deer River crossing structures and Access trails.

If any of these project components are proposed on or near your property, you will have received the information packages that include detailed maps. The overview of the information is below.

Langdon converter station and telecommunications tower

Genesee converter station and telecommunications tower

Communications system (repeater stations)

Red Deer River crossing

Access Trails

Preferred and alternate announcement - December 2010

Thank you newsletter - October 2010

August/September 2010 open house information

July 2010 Stakeholder Information package

Thank you newsletter - April 2010

*Please note in this newsletter that was mailed to stakeholders the last part of the last sentence was missing in the What's next? section on the back page. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The full section is below with the missing portion in italics.

What's next?

We will use the input we've received from stakeholders and information from activities such as field work to refine the preliminary route options. Later this year we plan to consult with stakeholders again about the refined route options through open houses, information centres and one-on-one consultations. Prior to the second stage of consultation we will mail a newsletter to stakeholders that will include the refined route options, updated technical details and project cost. We will advertise the open houses in local newspapers.

Winter 2010 open house information

January 2010 Stakeholder Information package



Updated March 14, 2012 

October 2011 - updated maps

February 2011 - Preferred and alternate routes

December 2010 - Preferred and alternate routes

July 2010

January 2010



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