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Consultation Process

Transmission Routes

We look forward to meeting with stakeholders and learning more about how, together, we can find the best locations for our facilities.

AltaLink identifies potential locations for new transmission lines or substations through a combination of technical research (including mapping study, residence counts and identification of possible routing constraints), environmental study and stakeholder consultation.

Our process

Prior to public consultation we develop a series of preliminary route options. The factors below are used when we identify potential route options:

  • areas of high residential density
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • existing infrastructure such as oil and gas facilities and telecommunication sites
  • other transmission lines, quarter lines or section lines
Important Criteria
  • Loss of crops
  • Reduced efficiency of field operations
  • Proximity to residences
  • Loss of developable lands and constraints on future development
  • Alteration of natural areas and interference with environmentally sensitive areas
  • Construction cost and land acquisition costs
  • Reliability and reparability of the line
  • Visual impact of structures and lines as seen from residences and recreational areas
Special considerations
  • Electrical interference with radio transmitting stations and other telecommunication equipment etc.


How can you be involved in the process?

AltaLink is committed to an open, respectful and thorough consultation program. We work to identify routes with the lowest overall impact on landowners and the environment. Stakeholder input is crucial throughout this process.

  1. We host open houses and meet with landowners one-on-one to collect input about the preliminary routes.
  2. We take into consideration the stakeholder input and other technical and environmental information to help us refine the routes.
  3. Depending on the project, we may complete a subsequent round of consultation on the refined routes. If this second round occurs, we will update the information package for community members and once again host open houses and one-on-one meetings.
  4. For most projects, we determine preferred and alternate routes that we believe have the lowest overall impact. The preferred and alternate routes will be included in our application so that the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) has different route options to review.
  5. We communicate with the community about those routes and file a Facilities Application with the AUC.

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