Transmission Line Construction


Our commitment during construction

Our relationships with landowners who host our facilities on their property as well as the communities in which we operate are very important to us.

During the project construction process, AltaLink is committed to being a responsible neighbour in your community. Should you have any concerns or questions related to construction activities, please contact us at 1-877-267-5973.

Our people

We make every attempt to manage and monitor our consultants, contractors and sub-contractors. AltaLink instructs all of its employees and contractors about the need to respect our communities, the environment and to drive responsibly. Some of our expectations include:

  • Traffic - Traffic control protocols are implemented on all sites to ensure that AltaLink employees and contractors restrict construction traffic to designated areas, and practice safe driving habits, which includes slowing down to reduce dust, blowing snow and the hazards of flying rocks.
  • Noise - Depending on where you live or work in relation to our construction activities you may hear or see noise and construction crews. AltaLink monitors noise during construction to ensure it is at an acceptable level. We will also notify landowners during periods where activities, such as helicopter work, may cause increased noise in the project area.
  • Garbage - We require our employees and contractors to always be aware of the environment and ensure garbage is contained and later removed from the site.

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