Transmission Line Construction


Challenging field conditions

We manage our work sites and construction activities to ensure we maintain topsoil integrity, and minimize the mixing of soil layers, so that the area can be more easily reclaimed following construction. Learn more

Sustainability in practice

Our commitment to the protection of our project areas and the environment is an important consideration in the route and site identification process for new transmission facilities. The environment remains a priority during construction and operation of the facilities. Learn more

Existing infrastructure near transmission facilities

Throughout a project we work to ensure that existing infrastructure near or adjacent to our transmission facilities is managed safely and risks are properly mitigated. Existing infrastructure may include: pipelines, buildings and fences, railways and telecommunications facilities. Learn more

Managing transmission line rights-of-way during construction

The right-of-way is the physical space a transmission line encompasses, including areas on either side of the line, and is required for the safe construction and operation of a transmission line. During construction, managing the right-of-way may include vegetation and tree clearing, weed control, dust management, matting and the construction of access trails. Learn more

Post construction reclamation

We work to minimize disturbance during our construction activities, however some impacts do occur. Reclamation is the process AltaLink uses to restore the land as much as possible to its pre-construction state. Learn more

Noticeable construction activities

Some projects may require the use of helicopters or implosive connectors, which produce a loud explosive sound. Learn more

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