Chestermere Substation Interconnection

FortisAlberta has requested upgrades to the transmission system in the Chestermere and Balzac areas through the building of a new substation near Chestermere to help meet increased capacity and ensure the reliability of the electrical system for years to come. If approved,

the project includes:

  • building a new substation
  • building a new telecommunications structure
  • adding two new 138/25 kV transformers, three new 138 kC circuit breakers and ten new 25 kV circuit breakers within two switchgear buildings
  • removing and modifying portions of the existing 765L transmission line and building two new portions of line 

Project Status:

Anticipated Project Schedule

April 2018 Start Construction
September 2018 Complete Construction

Although we attempt to follow the anticipated project schedule, it is subject to change. We will continue to provide you with updated schedule information as the project progresses.

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