Wild Rose 1 and Wild Rose 2 Wind Farm Project Connection

This was previously called the East Palliser Transmission Project. The East Palliser Transmission Project began in 2010 and included connecting the Wild Rose 1 and Wild Rose 2 wind farms to the electric system. The project was approved in 2012 but was put on hold. The Wild Rose 1 portion of the project has been cancelled.

Wild Rose 2 Wind LP (Wild Rose) is now proceeding with the Wild Rose 2 Wind Farm project, but with minor changes that include a new substation location. AltaLink will file an amendment to its original application that reflects the changes to the project. 

Project Status:

Anticipated Project Schedule

August 2022 Start Construction
June 2023 Complete Construction

Although we attempt to follow the anticipated project schedule, it is subject to change. We will continue to provide you with updated schedule information as the project progresses.

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