Etzikom Coulee to Whitla Transmission Project

The Etzikom Coulee to Whitla Transmission Project is part of an area transmission development called the Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement (SATR). This reinforcement includes new transmission lines and upgrades to the electric system in southern Alberta. These projects will connect new wind-generated power to Alberta’s electric system and strengthen the transmission system in the area.

The proposed project includes:

  • A new substation, to be called Journault Substation.
  • A new 240 kV (240,000 volts) double circuit transmission line approximately 75 kilometres in length from the proposed Whitla Substation to the proposed Journault Substation.

The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) has determined that the construction milestone for this transmission project has not been met and has asked AltaLink to permanently stop all work. We will provide an update to stakeholders in early 2017 regarding this project. 

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