Farming & Power Lines

  • Never stack hay or pile grain near power lines. These can be inviting for kids who may climb too near to a power line.
  • Use care when doing field work around power poles and guy wires. Watch for broken or dislodged guy wires. Report broken or damaged guy wires to your electrical service provider immediately.
  • Always lower high equipment, such as augers and grain boxes, before moving them.
  • Never place bulk fuel tanks or granaries near power lines.
  • Know the height of any new equipment your purchase. Current regulations stat that anything higher than 5.14 metres (13.6 feet) in height that will be travelling down a highway or public road required a permit from Alberta Transportation.
  • Never spray water hoses or irrigation pivots at power lines.
  • When using machinery to dig, a clearance distance of one metre (3.2 feet) has to be maintained from any underground electrical cable. If you must work closer, contact your electrical service provider.
  • Be careful when pruning as a wire could be hidden in a tree or bush.

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