Vegetation & Power Lines

If a tree or other object is too close to a transmission wire, even if it isn’t touching it, electric arcing may occur without warning.

An electric arc may:

  • Be fatal or cause serious injury;
  • Trigger a power outage;
  • Start a fire.

To ensure everyone’s safety, nothing should come near power lines.

Clear right-of-ways enable emergency teams to access the lines in case of failure. In case of a forest fire, a well-cleared right-of-way acts as a fire break, protecting the line and the forest.

In situations where AltaLink has a Utility Right-of-Way (URW) Agreement with a landowner, it is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure right-of-ways are clear of vegetation. Compensation for this is included in the Annual Structure Payment (ASP).

For AltaLink-owned right-of-ways, we look after maintenance in some form, by either contracting the work out, or arranging a license agreement with cities to provide maintenance.

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