Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)


AltaLink understands the importance of minimizing our impact on Alberta’s natural landscapes and its inhabitants


  • We have identified our primary sources of GHGs, with the main source being electricity generation from our buildings and substations

  • We developed a GHG management plan that identified the following areas of focus that will help get AltaLink to net zero by 2050: 

    Governance and reporting 
    Electricity and natural gas consumption
    Fleet emissions

  • Also in the environment section: read about our wildfire mitigation program and waste reduction strategy. 

Click here to read our 2022 ESG report

ESG in action: Hard at work for our feathered friends


In March 2022, members of AltaLink’s Environment and Field Operations teams were joined by the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) in Granum to donate and install a new 15-foot artificial nesting platform for a pair of ferruginous hawks. Click here to learn more 




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