Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)


Powering a grid for all means that we’re minimizing our impact on the world around us, now and for future generations. 


  • We enhanced vegetation clearing practices, proactively increased inspections in high fire risk areas, and invested in our system to upgrade our assets to help stay safe in wildfire season.
  • To help take us into a net-zero world, we established a new Greenhouse Gas emission working group to help us reduce our emissions.
  • Through our waste reduction strategy, we successfully diverted 58 per cent of our waste from landfills.
  • We added five new hybrid vehicles to our fleet and had some of our best-ever results when it comes to fuel efficiency.
Click here to read our 2021 ESG report

ESG in action: First in the world to use robotic technology aimed at improved bird safety


Working with Fulcrum Air, AltaLink helped develop a prototype for a robot that could mark an entire span of power line with bird diverters as efficiently as possible, saving time, improving employee safety and reducing the cost normally associated with traditional installation techniques. Click here to learn more.


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