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Respectful Indigenous Relations is practiced across the company, as we all benefit from strong and engaged communities across our province. We respect Indigenous ways of life through delivering sustainable and balanced outcomes with our projects and operations. Community support for our projects is essential to our business.

AltaLink's service area includes 19 First Nations, two Métis Settlements, and four Regions of the Métis Nation of Alberta. We consult with Indigenous communities on new transmission projects and on the maintenance of our existing facilities.

AltaLink recognizes the deep connections Indigenous peoples have to the land and traditional territories and we believe that true collaboration and partnership requires mutual respect, open dialogue and a willingness to listen and learn. In all of our operations, we strive to find meaningful ways to work with Indigenous peoples.

Read our Indigenous Relations brochure to learn more.

Indigenous relations policy

Indigenous Relations Policy

AltaLink’s Indigenous Relations Policy is based on these Guiding Principles to support meaningful and respectful engagements with Indigenous communities:

  1. Respectful Indigenous Relations is practiced across the company as we all have a responsibility and we all benefit from healthy and engaged communities across our province.
  2. Respecting Indigenous Ways of Life is integral at AltaLink, and we look for meaningful ways for Indigenous communities to be involved with our business of keeping the lights on
  3. Enhancing Relationships with Indigenous communities, by delivering sustainable results and encouraging socio-economic growth and reconciliation.
  4. Communications with Indigenous communities is open, respectful and ongoing. We will seek to communicate in ways that foster common understanding.
  5. Balanced outcomes are reached by managing our business to achieve positive outcomes including seeking opportunities for local communities.
  6. Meaningful Consultation is essential to AltaLink’s core values and to growing Indigenous participation. AltaLink will fulfill the duty to consult in ways that add value to both the community and our business. 
  7. Community Support for our projects is essential to our business.

In June 2019, a limited partnership, called PiikaniLink L.P., was formed between AltaLink and the Piikani First Nation. Similarly in January 2020, a limited partnership, called KainaiLink L.P., was formed between AltaLink and the Blood (Kainai) Tribe. The agreements provide the Piikani Nation and Blood (Kainai) Tribe with 51 per cent of the equity portions of AltaLink's Southwest 240 kV transmission line located across their respective lands.

In 2020, AltaLink was recognized by the Canadian Electricity Association with the 2020 Award for Advancement of an Integrated Approach to Sustainability for our partnerships with the Piikani Nation and the Blood (Kainai) Tribe, with whom we formed the first two majority Indigenous-owned transmission facility owners in Alberta. You learn more about the award here.

Click here to learn more about PiikaniLink L.P.

Click here to learn more about KainaLink L.P.


AltaLink's extensive service area includes many Indigenous communities, municipalities and valued stakeholders and we look for broad-reaching initiatives to invest in the communities where we live and operate.

Here are AltaLink's current Indigenous community investments:

Click here to learn more about AltaLink's community investment philosophy and other organizations we support. 

Business opportunities

AltaLink supports Indigenous economic participation by bringing qualified Indigenous businesses into our supply chain. Businesses or contractors with Indigenous employment or capacity opportunities will be considered positively in our procurement process. AltaLink’s projects and operations seek to achieve Indigenous participation levels that are proportionate to their population levels in Alberta or higher considering the opportunity presented by a project.

AltaLink’s Indigenous Relations team will work with procurement and project representatives to liaise with Indigenous businesses interested in opportunities with AltaLink’s projects and operations. Where possible, AltaLink facilitates connections between its contractors and Indigenous community businesses to foster relationships and initiate the pre-qualification for procurement process.

As a regulated Transmission Facility Operator, AltaLink procurement activities must comply with the Alberta Electric System Operator’s Rule 9.1.5: Project Procurement Compliance Monitoring Audit Process.

While maintaining compliance with competitive bidding requirements of this rule, AltaLink also encourages Indigenous participation in its procurement activities.  

Indigenous businesses are encouraged to submit their business profile through AltaLink’s Supplier Inquiry online form

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