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AltaLink is a regulated transmission utility in the province of Alberta. AltaLink is regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) and is subject to regulations and rulings put in place by that Commission.

For further information about the AUC and the role it plays in Alberta’s electric industry, please visit its website.

As part of its ongoing commitment to managing costs for its customers, AltaLink recently announced it has reached a negotiated settlement with its largest customers for the majority of AltaLink’s 2024-2025 tariff.

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2024 – 2025 General Tariff Application

Letter to the Alberta Utilities Commission 2024-2025 General Tariff Application

AltaLink Management Ltd. Inter-Affiliate Code of Conduct


The AltaLink Inter-Affiliate Code of Conduct (EUB Decision 2004-068) (“the “Code”) is an order of the former Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. Under the provisions of the Code, AltaLink was required to prepare and file a compliance plan (EUB Decision 2005-124) (the “AltaLink Compliance Plan”) with the EUB (currently the Alberta Utilities Commission).

Purpose of the Inter-Affiliate Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code is to establish standards and conditions for interaction between AltaLink and its Utility and Non-Utility Affiliates. The Code attempts to anticipate and adjust for the potential misalignment of interest between shareholders of AltaLink and Utility customers occasioned by Affiliate interactions through the establishment of parameters for transactions, information sharing and the sharing of services and resources, while permitting economies of scale and operating efficiencies.

The complete text of the Code is available for download and viewing as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file attachment on this webpage.

AltaLink Compliance Plan

The purpose of the AltaLink Compliance Plan is to detail the measures, policies, procedures and monitoring mechanisms that AltaLink will employ to ensure full compliance with the provisions of the Code by AltaLink, its directors, officers, employees, consultants, contractors and agents, and by Affiliates of AltaLink with respect to their interactions with AltaLink.

Annual Compliance Report

The AltaLink Compliance Plan requires the Compliance Officer to perform an annual review of AltaLink’s compliance with the Code and the AltaLink Compliance Plan. The Compliance Officer must prepare and file an annual report summarizing this review. The compliance report must be filed with the Alberta Utilities Commission (the “AUC”) within 120 days of the fiscal year end of AltaLink for the immediately preceding fiscal year. The full text of the Annual Compliance Report is available for download below and viewing on this webpage as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Disputes, Complaints or Inquiries

All disputes, complaints or inquiries concerning the Code or the AltaLink Compliance Plan should be directed to AltaLink’s Compliance Office:

Terry Knight
Fax: 403-267-4270

AltaLink’s Compliance Officer will keep a record of all written (or e-mailed) disputes, complaints or inquiries from within AltaLink or from external parties respecting the application of, or alleged non-compliance with, the Code. The identity of the party making the dispute, complaint, or inquiry will be kept confidential.

The Compliance Officer will acknowledge all disputes, complaints or inquiries in writing (which includes e-mail) within five working days of receipt.

The Compliance Officer shall respond to the dispute, complaint or inquiry within 21 working days of its receipt. The response shall include a description of the dispute, complaint or inquiry and the initial response of AltaLink to the issues identified in the submission.

AltaLink’s final disposition of the dispute, complaint or inquiry shall be completed as soon as possible in the circumstances, and in any event within 60 days of receipt of the dispute, complaint or inquiry, except where the party making the complaint otherwise agrees.

In the event that the party making the complaint is not satisfied with AltaLink’s disposition of the matter, he or she may contact the Alberta Utilities Commission at:

Alberta Utilities Commission Audit and Compliance Group:

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AltaLink Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Compliance Plan AltaLink Compliance Report 2023 AUC Audit Report 2008-003

Audit in Respect of Compliance with the Inter-Affiliate Code of Conduct for the Year Ended December 31, 2007.

Terms and Conditions

The attached Terms and Conditions of Service were approved effective March 18, 2010 by the Alberta Utilities Commission in Decision 2010-116.

AltaLink Terms and Conditions