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Grid Connections

Think AltaLink for your grid connection

A partner you can rely on

With more than 13,300 kilometres of transmission line and 311 substations, we’re Alberta’s largest electricity transmission provider and the essential link that connects your business to Alberta’s reliable electricity grid. 

We are focused on delivering reliable, affordable and exceptional service to meet your needs.

With decades of experience, we have successfully permitted and constructed more transmission projects than any other company in the province. 

Alberta is fortunate to have diverse sources of generation that power the grid, and AltaLink has integrated all of these sources effectively for more than 20 years.

Our team of experts is here to support you and your project every step of the way:

Pre-connection process

Helping you determine your options to proceed

Project development

Siting your project, designing technical solutions, consulting with stakeholders and engaging with Indigenous communities

Regulatory environment

Meeting application requirements, navigating the public review process


Survey work, environmental considerations, material sourcing, access requirements


We source our materials and services through a competitive process to ensure that we get you the best price possible

How to connect

We are pleased to provide assistance to customers wishing to connect to the portion of Alberta’s transmission system that is owned and operated by AltaLink.  Before connecting to Alberta’s grid, you’ll want to know the estimated connection costs, available system capacity, and connection considerations. 

To optimize your time in the AESO connection process, we offer Pre-System Access Services Request (Pre-SASR) assessments. Our pre-SASR service can help you make an informed decision to proceed.

Pre-SASR per site for capacity

TimelineApproximately 3 weeks
Power system reviewCapacity assessment outline to identify alternatives to connect your site to the grid
Conceptual siting assessmentIdentify potential land and right-of-way constraints

Pre-SASR per estimate

TimelineApproximately 6 weeks
Project estimating scopeDetermine the transmission scope required for a connection alternative
Preliminary cost estimate
Determine estimated connection alternative cost
Terms and conditions will apply for these customized service packages. Contact AltaLink Customer Service for further information and pricing.

Committed to delivering exceptional service

Your feedback is essential to ensure that we effectively meet your needs. 

We schedule regular touchpoint meetings and satisfaction surveys throughout the year to gather information that helps us continue to improve and evolve to serve you better.

We take a collaborative approach to ensure that we understand your business so that we can identify and implement solutions that fit your needs.

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