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Our focus

Our province is fortunate to have diverse sources of generation that power the grid. Through our projects we have effectively integrated all of these sources for more than 20 years while maintaining reliable service for our customers.  

With the increased electrification of society and the goal to achieve net zero emissions, the grid will play a larger role in our lives than ever before.  

We’re focused on ensuring that we can continue to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity to Albertans. Our different projects contribute to making that happen.

Connecting generation

The transmission system is the backbone of our economy, moving the power from where it’s generated to homes, farms and businesses across the province.

With the development of renewable projects in Alberta, the transmission system plays a critical role in connecting these projects to the grid.

Area developments

Larger area developments help to enhance the reliability of the transmission system, accommodate increased demand for electricity and support the integration of new generation onto the grid.

We are currently developing two major area developments:

  • Central East Transfer-Out: Building approximately 60 km of new 240 kV transmission line in Red Deer, Lacombe and Stettler counties.
  • Vauxhall Area Transmission Development: Replacing approximately 14 to 17 km of existing transmission line in the Municipal District of Taber, and modifying structures on an existing transmission line in Cypress County.

System enhancements

AltaLink has several projects underway to maintain or improve the reliability of our system by upgrading or replacing aging transmission assets across the province.

In 2022, AltaLink completed its largest rebuild to date, the 113L Transmission Line Rebuild, which involved rebuilding 23 km of transmission line through the Bow Valley.

We also carry out regular maintenance activities on our existing assets throughout the year to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the transmission system. This includes aerial patrols, inspections, insulator washing, equipment replacements and vegetation management along our rights-of-way.

2022 highlights


kilometres of new transmission line installed


new substations constructed


wind farms connected, totalling 780MW of new renewable generation


solar farms were connected to the FortisAlberta distribution network, totalling 170MW of new renewable generation