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AltaLink’s governance structure supports environmental and social expectations as well as traditional fiduciary duties. The Board of Directors is responsible for governance oversight and includes a number of working committees focused on AltaLink operations.

2022 performance

  • Our employees achieved a 99.955 per cent non-click rate on phishing simulation tests, achieving our best annual result yet.
  • All AltaLink employees once again acknowledged and signed-off on their commitment to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which seeks to promote integrity and transparency in all aspects of how we conduct our business and in our relations with our colleagues, directors, shareholders and business partners.
  • Our cyber and physical security management system is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements and standards to help us identify and use best practices to keep the grid secure.

For more information on how AltaLink engages employees to keep us secure and protected, download the 2022 ESG Report.

ESG in action: 1/10 companies in the world with ISO 27019 Certification

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our cyber security preparedness, we underwent an external audit conducted by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and became the first company in North America, and one of only 10 companies in the world, to receive ISO27019 certification.

For a fourth year in a row, AltaLink keeps costs to customers below 2018 levels

In 2022, AltaLink kept its annual cost to customers below 2018 levels for the for the fourth consecutive year, delivering on its flat-for-five commitment to Albertans. In those four years, AltaLink’s tariffs have not contributed to an increase in electricity prices.

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