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Substation Construction

Construction of a new substation requires a large quantity of materials, equipment and labour. You may hear or notice some construction activities depending on how close you are to the substation site.

  1. Install access roads
    Access roads may be required so that trucks can deliver materials and workers to the construction site. Vegetation is removed as needed. Access roads remain after construction is complete so workers can access the site for maintenance.
  2. Site preparation
    This includes berm/removal of top soil and importing fill to level the site, compacting the site and laying down insulating gravel. Installing drainage areas (small berms or ditches).
  3. Materials delivery
    Foundation and construction materials, including steel and gravel, are delivered to the work site. Construction equipment such as backhoes, semi-trailers, moving equipment, concrete haulers and cranes may also be brought onsite. If required we will use a storage yard to store materials and equipment.
  4. Foundation and structural steel work
    Concrete and/or screw pile foundations for the substation equipment are installed or constructed. The structures are directly embedded into the ground. The structures are set using a picker truck or a crane.
  5. Major equipment installation
    Pre-assembled substation equipment is delivered to the site and installed using cranes and manual labour. Some smaller equipment may be assembled at the substation site.
  6. Cleanup
    During and after construction, we will perform cleanup and reclamation of the surrounding area. More insulating gravel is laid down over the site.
  7. Energization
    Quality and safety inspections are completed and the new substation is energized and connected to Alberta’s grid.