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Endangered ferruginous hawks in the area have a safe place to land thanks to nest donated by AltaLink

Ferruginous hawks in the Dunmore area will have a safe space to nest this spring thanks to a few AltaLink employees, a local landowner, and the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA).

Earlier in the year, AtaLink was approached by the ACA to assist a local landowner who was having issues with ground squirrels on their property. Once the ACA determined a location that had an abundance of habitat and food for Alberta’s ferruginous hawks, a plan was hatched.

AltaLink sprang into action and donated and installed an artificial nesting platform, and built a starter nest on site in partnership with the ACA and the local landowner.

“We’re happy to be able to help protect Alberta’s ferruginous hawks by providing them with a safe place to nest this spring,” said Aaron Anderson, environmental advisor, AltaLink. “As part of our commitment to the environment, wildlife and the communities we serve, we have installed numerous artificial nesting platforms throughout our service territory to help with the recovery of the species.”

Once the team finished installing the nesting platform, they got to work installing a starter nest. The starter nest will help persuade the hawks to nest at the site once they return home in the spring.

“Ferruginous hawks are an endangered species here in Alberta with a lot of concern tied around nest site availability and having secure structures to prevent their nests from being blown down or predated on,” said Brad Downey, Alberta Conservation Association. “Altalink’s installation of a nesting platform for ferruginous hawks provides the species a secure nesting site on the landscape to produce and raise its young and helps control the ground squirrel population for the local landowner. It’s a win for the species and a win for the landowner.”

AltaLink has played an active role in the protection of ferruginous hawks since the species was designated as endangered under the Alberta Wildlife Act in the spring of 2006.

AltaLink strives to be a leader in bird protection and is committed to improving performance in this area. For more information about AltaLink’s Avian Protection Plan and how AltaLink protects species in Alberta, visit altalink.ca.