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Hearing underway for AltaLink’s Foothills Area Transmission Development

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) hearing into the Foothills Area Transmission Development (FATD) began on Tuesday, May 14. For more information about the hearing please visit the AUC’s website at http://www.auc.ab.ca/.

The hearing involves five AltaLink projects that fall under FATD and the Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement (SATR):


  • North Foothills Transmission Project
  • Foothills 138 kV Project (also known as High River to Okotoks and Okotoks to Janet)
  • Langdon to Janet


  • South Foothills Transmission Project
  • Windy Flats 138 kV Line Re-configuration

For more information about the project, please read AltaLink’s opening statement or visit our project pages at www.altalink.ca/fatd and www.altalink.ca/satr.

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