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On June 19 and 20, several AltaLinkers donned their hardhats and safety glasses to build two new playgrounds in the northeast Calgary community of Monterey Park, part of a recent Days of Caring event with Parks Foundation Calgary.

The community, which has approximately 2,000 children under the age of 14, is just nine kilometres from AltaLink’s head office. The playgrounds enhance the quality of life for residents in the neighbourhoods by creating safe and fun places for children and families to socialize.

“The playground builds conclude this Days of Caring initiative which began in February,” says Evan Mitchell, project lead. “AltaLinkers raised more than $7,000 for these parks to be built and it’s great to see the final product ready to be used by the communities.”

“Over the past two days, we had several families in the community stop by and tell us they were very excited that we were rebuilding the playgrounds,” says Scott Thon, President and CEO. “Everyone who volunteered worked really hard and had lots of fun, and it felt good knowing we were making a difference in this community.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in the build this week, including:
Scott Thon, Dennis Frehlich, Johanne Picard-Thompson, Jenny Liu, Justin Thomson, Paulo Bautista, Mark Santos, Vince Santos, Thomas Man, Fatima Belmoufid, Leanne Pinksen, Evan Mitchell, Aaron Downing, Kim Jordan, Todd Hurman, Allison Arbic, Vincent Chow, Blair Stromstedt, Pat Manor, Russ Forrester, Monique Wilkinson, Grayden Ganong, Kevin Deane, Roggero Ciofani, Danielle Phaneuf, Dean Chartier, Jason Adam, Eoin Cooke, Ed Rihn, and Steve Cheng.