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National Electricity Month 2021: Meet the People Behind the Poles

Every June, AltaLink joins the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) and other utilities across Canada to celebrate National Electricity Month. This year we want to celebrate by introducing you to the People Behind the Poles. We have an incredible group of people working behind the scenes to get you reliable electricity, when you need it most. Watch the videos below to learn more about the People Behind the Poles that work to keep the lights on. 

Operating 24/7/365   

Being the largest electricity transmission provider in Alberta is no easy task, but our employees are committed to delivering the power you rely on around the clock. Henry Mah, Control Centre Operator, Derek Arbez, Transmission Construction Specialist, and Ehsan Abbasi, Senior Reliability Engineer work to plan, monitor and respond to events on the transmission system as part of our day-to-day operations.

Reinforcing the system to keep it safe and reliable

AltaLink’s high voltage transmission lines transport electricity that is generated across the province to substations where the voltage is lowered so that electricity can be delivered safely to your home or business via distribution lines. Sarah Elder, Project Manager, Substations and Chu Cheng, Protection & Control Engineer, support this process by helping to connect electricity generation to the grid and upgrading equipment to ensure it continues to work effectively.

Protecting our system from security threats

More than three million Albertans rely on us to deliver the electricity that they use every day, so we have a responsibility to protect our critical infrastructure with high security standards. Mike Clark, Cyber Security Analyst and Tyler Wolfe, Physical Security Coordinator work to keep our system secure by protecting it from cyber and physical security threats. 

As an essential service provider, we’re proud to play a part in delivering safe and reliable electricity to Albertans. Happy National Electricity Month!