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AltaLink is committed to an open, respectful and thorough consultation program.

Consultation Process

We have a five step approach to our consultation process in which stakeholder input is crucial. 


We meet with stakeholders one-on-one and host open houses to collect input about the preliminary routes.


To help refine the routes, we review stakeholder input and technical and environmental information.


Depending on the project, we may complete another round of consultation on the newly refined routes. If this happens, we send new information to stakeholders and once again conduct meetings and open houses.


When consultation is complete, we determine preferred and alternate routes that we believe have the lowest overall impact. These routes are included in our application for the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to review.


We notify the community about the routes and file a Facilities Application with the AUC.

If you have concerns about a project, you can participate prior to project approval by following the process outlined in the AUC brochure: Participating in the AUC’s Independent Review Process to review facility applications. For more information about the review process for facility applications, you can visit the  AUC website.

We look forward to meeting with stakeholders and learning more about how we can find the best locations for our facilities, working together.