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Route Selection Process

Route Selection Process

AltaLink’s route determination process includes the evaluation of property quarter lines, road allowances and other route options by assessing various constraints in the project area. AltaLink completes a multi-step evaluation, removing grid segments close to obstacles at each stage, to determine low-impact locations for our facilities.

Once we have developed preliminary routes, we consult with stakeholders to gather their feedback. Stakeholder input is used when refining our route options. In order to consider the overall social, economic and environmental effects of transmission line routes, AltaLink considers a number of factors. Some of these include:

Important Criteria


Loss of crops and reduced efficiency of field operations


Proximity to residences and loss of developable lands and constraints on future development


Alteration of natural areas and interference with environmentally sensitive areas


Construction cost and land acquisition costs


Reliability and repairability of the line


Visual impact of structures and lines as seen from residences and recreational areas

Special considerations

Electrical interference with radio transmitting stations and other telecommunication equipment, etc.

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Route Selection Process